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AMBT Solutions
Bookkeeping services for the independent trucker where you run the truck, we run the books. Send us your receipts and settlement statements in a prepaid FedEx envelope, and we will keep track of your books for you. Every month we will send you a profit & loss report and at the end of the year we will send you a one page report that you can take to your tax preparer.

Rolling Resistance
Are you ready to buy new tires for your truck or trailer? Not sure which tire will give you the best fuel economy? Check out Rolling Resistance page and find the tire that will work best for you!

Engine Codes
Ever have the check engine light come on? Not sure what the code means? Check out Engine Codes page and search our database and find out what the code means!

Fuel Price Index (FPI)
What is Fuel Price Index (FPI) and how can it help you, the person responsible for buying the fuel. With fuel being your biggest expense, you need to know where the lowest fuel prices are.

Where to Buy Fuel
Why is it important to know where to buy fuel? Where to Buy Fuel will help explain why it is important.